Albion Online Team highlight the new map changes

Sandbox Interactive today announced that their online Albion a huge update including new dungeons, bosses and a new map of the world. Today, team information regarding changes to the map of the world including the introduction of a new concept expanded.

Sometime next month’s final beta phase before the start of the new map of the world will be released. Differences former East and West China will benefit the two Royal Islands, together known as the form of the entire continent of Outland new land replaced. The new Royal Islands will be two different areas, Kings Island and Queens Island, namely internal resources to achieve seven, including green, yellow and red zone. Each player will start in one of two islands journey.

From there, players will progress to Outland, namely the design of a new continent challenging opportunities for industry associations and hardcore PvP players and a wider space exploration. Outland entirely black area will include law enforcement resources up to 8 No rules have been put in place, players are free to wage war, however they see fit

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Dragomon Hunter: Dragomon breeding and rearing Details

Invincible was churning up the bloodied snow with two powerful, unharmed rear legs and two shattered forelegs. Arthas felt his stomach heave at the sight of the limbs, once so long and straight and clean and powerful, hanging at odd angles as Invincible kept trying and failing to stand. Then the image was mercifully blurred by the snow and the rush of hot tears that spilled down his cheeks.

In Dragomon hunter, you can breed eggs new Dragomon. How does this system work? The first thing you need to know is to get eggs from the wild or player Dragomon hunting ranch. Eggs, you have the opportunity to cultivate new Dragomons and what you have to do next is to improve them.

Dragomon out of the egg as a baby Dragomon. Each Dragomon with a specific type of diet, you need based on what type of food they eat to feed them. Sometimes you may need to go out and gather the necessary ingredients to make the right food. In addition, you need now and then interact with them.

When you grow up you start Dragomons combat training them. Depending on each Dragomon combat type, you can take them out hunting arrange appropriate operational training. You can try Dragomon pit, your Dragomon can fight other players.

Dragomons not just your horse, they are your battle companions and your friends in the pasture.

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Acting rebellion bonus weekend now live in Warframe

The sound cut through his stupor, and he blinked his way back to consciousness with the bone-chilling shriek of a beast in agony clawing at his brain. He couldn’t move at first, though his body spasmed of its own accord, trying to move toward the awful cries. Finally he was able to sit up. Pain shot through him and he added his own gasp of agony to the hideous cacophony, and he realized he’d probably broken at least one rib, probably more.

Digital today announced an extremely exciting event starts Warframe weekend with the launch of proxy rebel kings bonus weekend. Players can look forward to a variety of exciting tasks alerts, new promotions and rewards in all Warframe platforms, including PC, one of the game 4 and Xbox. Acting rebellion bonus weekend underway, it will run through Monday, at 2:00 pm EDT Sept. 21.

During the weekend the players can get double points in the mission, providing plenty of opportunity ranking and unlock new weapons. High return alarm will have some very valuable in return, provide an opportunity for players to improve their Emperor and the available nuclear arsenal. Darvo during the event will also be available in stores 50% discount.

Here are additional details of the new players should look out alert

Alarm 1
At 14 o’clock on September 17 to the United States Eastern Time at 14:00 on September 18 EDT
Tessera’s (Venus): Acting rebellion. Reward: Orokin catalyst + million in cash

Alarm 2
At 14:00 on September 18 to the US Eastern Time at 14:00 on September 19 EDT
(Martial large) Mars: Acting rebellion. Reward: Orokin reactor + million in cash

Red Alert 3
At 14:00 on September 19 to the US Eastern Time at 14:00 on September 20 EDT
Marsh (Pluto) agent rebellion. Reward: Ghost Twin snakes and weapon slots + 50000 points

Alert 4
At 14 o’clock on September 20 to the United States Eastern Time at 14:00 on September 21 EDT
IO (Jupiter) proxy rebellion. Bonus: 25 rare Defense Department nuclear + million in cash

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FELSPIRE MOVING to launch tomorrow

Let me take a moment behind you MMOBomb scene. Jason Winter and I, are the main writers on the site, it is often discussed, we do not make public. They may be some of the most brutal of advice that you can say about a game, an industry personality, or they may just talk, would not make sense to anyone but us. After the merger, Jason and I have over 15 years of professional experience in the online game industry. We played a lot of people, we have a lot of them report, we tested a lot of people, and with 15 years of not even touch our non-professional / game player’s experience.

That context often leads to trends and things that we want to see dialogue “next sexy MMO.” Under normal circumstances, we in contemplation of a network game would be what, if you delete some comes as a thing “of grinding class. “Jason’s favorite questioning in this topic. What games look like, if there is no ground in its traditional mission?

I tell you, it is because 37Games mobile Felspire, free play MMO, to officially start tomorrow, we need the kind of meditation to an almost absurd degree. Felspire solve the task of leveling a weird way monotonous. Yes, we have seen the automatic pathfinding. I even find someone to do a game, do you blame mill. Select a target type and your character will run around, over and over again to kill the animals, while you watch. But check this out, from the official press release:

FELSPIRE is also equipped with a convenient AUTO- questioning function enables you to skip straight to enjoy some of the options you most of the game. This beautiful addition to automatically SLAY monsters, collect loot, and even be able to sell items from your bag when it has reached its capacity. This feature can be turned on or off – leave it to you to decide when to take the reins.

Questions I want to ask, though … if you think the players just want to experience the class, gear tons, PvP of …… So why even have to ask. I was a little surprised.

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Viryx kept her head low as she continued through the woods. She moved from shadow to shadow, avoiding groups of Outcasts that milled about. She saw more than she had the first time she’d come to the village. Back then, her focus had been on following Ikiss. She had ignored much of her surroundings.

Currently in beta, ESTSoft will launch, as opening doors to the public MMORPG later tonight, August 5 CABAL 2 of the first major update. “Blackwaves” to add a new device and a new ranking system for players to compete with each other in new instantiation Blackwaves events.

Blackwaves is an example of an event that allows players to face 12 waves of mobs to offset, with 24 players in each event (four groups). Each new wave will pit players tougher, more treacherous blame, because they work all 12 levels by the enemy.

All these dangers are not just for fun and games. Players will work with the new equipment, better than the return on high-end dungeons, either by mob or decrease from the actual point-based system. Points will be updated after each wave of real-time, and mobs attacked during their reward players with their personal contribution.

Maintenance is set to start 18:00 EST and ends at 22:00 EST, so stay tuned official CABAL 2 Website bulletin.

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Why We’re Looking Forward to the Card Hunter Expedition to the Sky Citadel Expansion

One of the most enjoyable online games I’ve played over the last few years is the incredible Card Hunter browser mmo. The mixture of board game mechanics, trading card features, and a huge nod to old school pen-and-paper rpgs makes the game a blast. Even better is that you can easily play it solo or engage in some robust PvP against other players. Now the game looks to improve itself with the release of a new expansion. Let’s sling some virtual dice as I explain why we’re looking forward to the Card Hunter Expedition to the Sky Citadel expansion.

There are several reasons why I’m looking forward to this Card Hunter expansion. One reason is just the simple fact that it’s new official content. I’m a content junkie for mmo games, and any reason for me to venture back into Card Hunter is a welcome one. I honestly can’t say how much I love this game. One reason that I enjoy it so much is the nostalgia factor. Card Hunter makes a concerted effort to bring back those gaming memories of those of us who grew up playing pen-and-paper rpgs from the late 1970s and 1980s. The entire visual style is a throwback to those early games, like 1st edition Dungeons and Dragons.

This nostalgia is played up in the Card Hunter Expedition to the Sky Citadel expansion. The trailer for the expansion features glorious 1980s-style computer graphics and sound. Just viewing the trailer takes me back to those glory days where having a machine with 32K of RAM was considered god-like. The nostalgia factor also kicks into high gear as this expansion is clearly based upon one of 1st edition D&D’s iconic modules, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. What made that module unique was that it introduced a sci-fi adventure into a high fantasy setting as the players’ heroes explored the crashed remains of a spaceship. Just hearing the word “vegepygmy” will put a smile on my face. Anyway, it’s always tremendous fun to mix genres to a degree, so having sci-fi boards and cards added to the fantasy-based elements just makes Card Hunter that much more interesting to play.

Getting new cards and some new mechanics are a few reasons why we’re looking forward to the Card Hunter Expedition to the Sky Citadel expansion. A true adventurer is only worthy of the adversaries that he faces, and this no download mmorpg adds some interesting creatures with some challenging abilities. The Mutant Brutes feature the incredible Adaptable ability, which makes them extremely tough to defeat. The Adaptable ability means that when they take damage from a certain type (such as piercing), they then become immune to that type of damage in the future. Players will have to bring a mix of different damage attacks to overcome this ability. Another new creature is the Security Camera who has the Scan ability. This ability has the Security Camera turn clockwise every turn and perform a cone-based scan If the players are caught in the scan, every monster gets to draw a card, turn to face the player, and may act again, even if they had already gone this round. Such a mechanic means that movement and placement will be vital to overcome these dreaded cameras.

Speaking of new features introduced in the Card Hunter Expedition to the Sky Citadel expansion, there are new weapon cards that feature some unique mechanics. First, there are sci-fi guns in the expansion, but they’re essentially limited to wizards. The devs felt that such attacks are the province of the wizards and that allowing warriors to have long ranged attacks did not fit into their class system. Still, there are plenty of melee-based sci-fi weapons available for warriors to use. What does make these new weapons interesting is that the player’s characters, being from a fantasy background, don’t really know how to operate such devices. That’s why these cards feature Erratic Damage, an ability that comes in either minor or major flavors. What this feature does is that players roll a die and add that result to the damage (minor damage is halved). If the player rolls a one or two on the die, then they have to draw a Laser Malfunction Card. These cards have various effects like the weapon becoming useless due to the battery being drained, an explosion due to the battery exploding, or a spray of lasers hitting every entity that lies in the sight of the character. The compelling fact of this new mechanic is that such outcomes could be beneficial, depending upon the circumstances.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why we’re looking forward to the Card Hunter Expedition to the Sky Citadel expansion. Lest we forget, this update also increases the max level from 18 to 21. There are new figures, adventures, maps, monsters, and mechanics to really liven up this free no download mmorpg. Plus, this update harkens back to one of the most iconic modules of 1st edition D&D. What’s not to love?

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Is the Felspire Auto-Questing Feature a Good Thing?

Will Sandbox MMOs Ever Dominate?

In ye olden days when online gaming first began, the sandbox mmo was king. Players relished having adventures and causing mischief in the virtual worlds that finally allowed people to game at their convenience and with others from all over the world. Titles like Ultima Online set a standard that quite a number of older gamers feel have never really been surpassed. But as online gaming grew and became more popular, theme park mmos rose up and took the crown, and they have never truly relinquished it. Now a new crop of sandbox mmos are rising up to fill a need that more hardcore gamers are looking for. Will sandbox mmos ever dominate?

After a decade of drought, there’s been an explosion of sandbox mmos being developed or released recently. Gamers can currently enjoy ArcheAge and slice themselves off a bit of virtual real estate to call their very own. A lot of gamers who are looking for some real challenges are looking forward to games like Albion Online and Pathfinder Online. Of course, one of the biggest sandbox games being developed is Star Citizen that promises a host of intriguing features. I would be remiss if I didn’t note that sandbox mmos never completely vanished from the online gaming scene. Titles like EVE Online flew their flag proudly and cultivated a devoted following.

Albion Online housing

The question of sandbox mmos dominating online gaming is one that has been asked before, usually by adherents that despise the massively popular theme park games that currently rule the roost. There are some features of sandbox mmos that could lend themselves to dominating other types of games. The first is that their very nature allows gamers to play in whatever manner that they wish. If an rpg gamer wants to just be a craftsman or merchant, then games like Albion Online will allow them to do so. The freedom to interact with a game besides the typical “kill ten rats” quests or the constant, repetitive raiding found in theme park games can be quite intoxicating. Another factor for sandbox mmos dominance is the fierce loyalty that players have for those games. Gamers who play sandbox mmos really throw themselves into the game and will stay true to it as long as they’re respected. This is clearly seen by the massive success of EVE Online over the years as it actually increased its number of players while most games were losing theirs.

However, there are a number of sandbox mmo features that hamper them from dominating the online gaming market. The first is that the learning curve is usually quite steep and can be intimidating to new players. I’ve seen people interested in EVE Online, but when a current player started essentially pulling out spreadsheets, those new players fled in horror. The tremendous bonus of having deep and complex systems that allow a huge amount of freedom in a sandbox mmo can be a drawback in that many players will find such systems confusing and cumbersome. Another drawback is the player base itself. I’m not talking about the willingness of older players to help out new players, but what I am talking about is that players who enter a sandbox mmo long after the game has launched find themselves at a huge disadvantage. Every useful tract of land has already been claimed and built up by longer playing gamers. What does it matter if the game allows you to build a home in the game’s virtual world, such as ArcheAge, when a new player cannot find an empty plot of land to build a home at all? Any PvP would be a total bloodbath for new players as they would constantly be outclassed and outmatched at every turn. Getting your butt kicked on a regular basis is a poor inducement to keep playing the game.

One last issue that faces sandbox mmos dominating is the increasing trend towards mobile gaming. A sandbox mmo does not truly lend itself to mobile gaming, where gamers play in short bursts while riding the bus or waiting for a class to begin. Sandbox mmos require time and commitment to play them in a meaningful way, and mobile gaming is the antithesis of that. The reality is that more people are choosing to play on a mobile device, and the profits for such games can be astronomical. Hearthstone saw a full 31% revenue increase when it was released for smartphones, and the Blizzard mmo is raking in a cool $20 million a month.

With all of these factors considered, I think that the thought of sandbox mmos dominating online gaming is just a wishful fantasy. While there are plenty of gamers looking for challenging sandbox mmo games, those numbers are dwarfed by players looking for a more casual gaming experience. Most gamers today are not willing to spend countless hours honing their craft in a sandbox mmo to reach a payoff some time in the future. The desire for instant gratification is high, which can be seen by the massive rise in mobile gaming and in moba games. I do think that sandbox mmos will always continue to exist as there will always be a niche of gamers looking for that special challenge, but the word “niche” sums up the reality of sandbox games in today’s environment. The era of sandbox mmo domination have long since passed, and I believe that it will never come back.

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